SEADON chooses to partner with WRAP – Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. It’s the world’s largest independent facility certification program focused on apparel, footwear and sewn products. Having WRAP certification shows our SEADON people that we’re committed to ethical and responsible business standards; we abide by the laws of countries we work with, treat workers with dignity and respect, and officially acknowledge the impact our production has on the environment.

SEADON chooses to partner with Bluesign® being today’s leading solution for sustainable textile production. It adopts a holistic approach across the entire supply chain by setting and controlling standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production process. Our Air-Knit fabric is Bluesign® approved ensuring it’s made to the highest and cleanest textile industry standards. By acting as an ecologically responsible business under Bluesign® guidance, we’re reducing our carbon footprint while contributing to their mission of creating sustainable textile systems for progressive-thinking brands.   

SEADON chooses to partner with 1% for the Planet by donating 1% of product sales to highly vetted environmental and social nonprofits. In this way, our giving is credible; as facilitated by a globally respected brand that has directed hundreds of millions of dollars to highly effective nonprofits worldwide. We see it as business karma done the right way.  

SEADON chooses to partner with Climate Neutral for certification in offsetting and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. They help us measure our carbon equivalent footprint that we then offset by paying carbon credits into approved initiatives; like reforestation programs and renewable energy projects. We’re proud to be part of a sustainability movement that’s driven to reach a zero net carbon emissions goal by 2050. 

SEADON chooses to partner with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) for all of our paper tags and packaging.  When you see an FSC certified label on our goods, you know 100% that the paper has been sourced and processed through an FSC audited forest that practices rigorous social and environmental standards.