sustainable men's clothing

Sustainable Men's Clothing

Ethical Clothing for Men.

Our eco-friendly clothing for men strikes a balance between function and style. In Seadon clothing, made of ethically-produced fibers, recycled plastic, and nylon, you’ll be ready to explore the world more comfortably and responsibly. Whether you’re headed out on a hiking trip or traveling to foreign lands, our clothing is versatile and made to last so that you can pack light and still be ready for whatever comes your way.

With three diverse men’s collections to choose from, we have the perfect t-shirt for any type of adventure. Our Daymaker collection, with its balanced functionality, is perfect for everyday use. Our Trailblazer collection is our most technologically advanced to date, so you can take things up a notch and stay cool and dry. Our Traveler collection is lightweight, ultra-reliable, and wrinkle-free, so it’ll look great and feel fresh whenever you pull it out of your backpack.

We offer all the basics you need, from beanies to travel bags, so that you can don Seadon from head to toe. You’ll be honoring our precious environment while you explore it.

Organic Men's Clothing for Land and Sea!

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